My Superpower

I must confess, I have a superpower.  I am a grandma.  I first acquired my superpower at the age 49 with the birth of our first granddaughter.  Now, I have five grandchildren with one granddaughter spreading sunshine in heaven.  Prior to becoming a grandma for the first time, there was a lot of discussion about what I would be called – Nana, Nonnie, Grandma, Mimi.  They mostly call me just Grandma, though I was a huge fan at the possibility of being called Mimi.  My children were not.  Mostly the grandkids call me by what they are able to pronounce that’s closest to Grandma; Bomma, Beema, Gamma.  But having the grandma superpower, I know when they are calling my name no matter what it sounds like.

What makes being a grandma a superpower?  Well, the grandkids seem to be always so happy to see me.  I call it the Grandma Effect.  It’s like magic when they enter my house for a visit and run into my arms for a big hug, but then run right past me to all the toys I keep out for when they visit (and my kids laughed for all those years when I saved them in the basement).


The real super powers happen when I read books to them.  Somehow I am able to produce the sounds of all the characters and animals quite well.  I once had to dial it back a little during a recitation of Little Red Riding Hood – I think I was frightening my three year old granddaughter.  “With great power comes great responsibility,” Peter Parker once said.

Even my purse has super powers.  I always seem to have something of genuine interest to the kids.  My grandson’s first question when I visit his house is to ask about what’s in my purse, hoping I’ve brought my Kindle so he can play an educational game or two.  I’ve resorted to carrying the biggest handbag I own to fit in all those extra books, snacks, and crayons that don’t fit into my more stylish purses.  These items keep them happy, engaged, and quiet ~ especially during church.

I am enjoying being a grandma, and at this time in my life I have chosen to forego the professional job scene for the opportunity to provide childcare and baby sitting for the grandchildren while I am still young enough to get on the floor (and up off the floor) and carry them in my arms as they grow bigger.  I am so blessed by the time I spend with them as they learn all about the world around them and witness their amazing milestones along the way.  I am hoping this blog will provide an outlet for my creative side and give the reader with some fun insights into all the things the brighten my life (hence my blog name: The Sunny Side of Me: Confessions of a Young Grandma).

What’s your superpower?  Are you a young grandma too?  What do you like best about being a grandma?


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