Dear Aldi, I Love You

I must confess, I’m a huge fan of Aldi.  I’ve always been a fan, but lately my crush has turned into an all out love affair.  While Wegman’s will always be my first true love, Aldi is quickly stealing all the feelings  Why?  Aldi has been seriously improving the quality, selection, and ease of shopping at their stores.  Plus, being a shopper who prefers organic products, I am thoroughly impressed by the HUGE amount of items that are organic.  Previously, Aldi did not accept credit cards, but now they do. Produce used to look like the seconds that Wegman’s rejected, but the produce quality has been looking much better.  I am amazed at the brand name products they carry since I first started shopping there.

Did you know that Aldi offers a DOUBLE GUARANTEE? If you find that a product is not up to your satisfaction, you can take it back for a refund and they will give you a new item.  And they removed all artificial ingredients from their product line.

As a public service announcement, I’d like to share with you my Top Ten Favorite Aldi Buys:

10.  Gluten Free Brown Rice Spaghetti – if you’re trying to eat a healthier version of pasta, this is an excellent option.  Tip: cook it longer than the directions state and taste for tenderness before draining the water.  I cook the spaghetti at least 2-3 more minutes.


9.  Roasted Red Pepper Hummus – If this is in the fridge, it’s only a matter of minutes before the hubby devours it!  Best tasting hummus I’ve ever had.


8.  Little Salad Bar Chicken Salad – The calories are a wee bit high on this product, but oh my goodness, I love eating this chicken salad (both flavors) with crackers as a dip.  Yummy!

Chicken salad.jpg

7.  Gifts and Baby Items – I try to keep gifts on hand and when I hear that a special event has occurred, I am prepared to give a little something to mark the occasion.  Aldi has some cool finds like these muslin swaddling blankets.  They also carry name brands like Fisher Price.


6.  Chicken Sausage and Turkey Burgers – I usually purchase the mild italian sausage and fry them up with peppers and onions or throw them on the grill.  The ‘Never Any!’ symbol means no antibiotics, hormones, nitrates, preservatives, or animal by-products.  Aldi also sells Jennie-O turkey burgers at a great price.

Chicken sausage.jpg

5.  Organic Peanut Butter – We go through a lot of PB in our house and if you’re looking for organic at a decent price then this is your product.


4.  Fresh Produce – avocados, mushrooms, fruit, veggies are all available including an increasing number of organic selections.  Where have you ever seen avocados for this price?


3.  Multigrain Chips – these are a great alternative to potato chips and whenever I make appetizers these seem to be the best compliment to them.  Love the ‘scoops’ chips they sell, too.


2. Organic Popcorn – another product we can’t seem to keep in the house.


1. Dark Chocolate – I’m a convert from milk chocolate to dark chocolate and Aldi does not disappoint.  Do yourself a favor and melt some dark chocolate and then spread out the popcorn from #2 and you have yourself a sweet and salty snack that’s outstanding.

ALN0550_PD_MOSER_ROTH_DARK_388x314_2.jpgdark choc.jpg

Alas, love is blind.  I am sure there are some Aldi products that I pretend not to see while I shop like the lame potato chips and imitation breakfast cereals, but love bears all things does it not?  I choose to have a rose-colored glasses approach… check out lines are sometimes long, but move quickly for the most part… Aldi employees must be working hard somewhere in the store because you can never seem to find one on the floor when you need to… I check over certain produce like berries and melons as they spoil quickly if left out too long.  Lastly, I don’t shop there right before closing time as selections (especially produce) will be limited.

Are you an Aldi fan? What items are your favorite?




4 thoughts on “Dear Aldi, I Love You

  1. Michael Dalessandro

    My family’s favorite items at Aldi are the refrigerated salsa and the hummus. I’d have to agree.

    Although their Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk gives Almond Breeze a run for its money.

    Aldi is great!

    Liked by 1 person

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