Guilty Pleasures

I must confess, I have a guilty pleasure.  Well, I probably have many guilty pleasures, but the one I’m confessing to today happens to be one that I am sure clearly antagonizes my husband.  You see, I like coffee mugs.  No, I LOVE coffee mugs.  Over the years, I have been on a quest to find the ultimate coffee mug.

At first I was attracted to whimsical mugs such as these…


But over time, these mugs became too small, not holding enough of all my hot beverage, so I found this lovely addition…

Now this coffee mug doubles as a hand warmer.  Notice how you can insert your right hand into the ‘pocket’ as you wrap your left hand around the front.  And it holds a lot of coffee!  Dishwasher safe, too!

Well, this past summer the family took a trip to Maine and guess what?  I found a coffee mug… A Lands’ End Coffee Mug!

Not only does it hold a good amount of coffee, it is a happy reminder of our adventures in Maine.  But before I could leave the store you’ll never guess what I saw?  YES! Another coffee mug that I HAD TO BUY…


Would you just look at this adorable moose mug!! I’m in love! And of course I had to get the matching one for the hubby…because of course we needed a matching pair!


Now, each morning I face a dilemma – which mug will I select for my steaming cuppa Joe? Well, even before I select that one special mug, I do lovingly gaze upon all the others nestled safely in my cabinet…the cabinet my husband needs to find creative ways in order to put the cleaned mugs from the dishwasher onto the shelves because I cannot part with any of my little mug family members.

What’s your guilty pleasure?  Are you a mug collector like myself?  Or do you find something else too irresistible?  Do you tear up just a little when your favorite mug sits dirty in the sink from yesterday?


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