Laughing Outloud

I must confess, I love a good laugh.  My definition of an evening well spent is getting together with good friends and laughing really hard about silly things.  But lately, I’ve been doing the grandma thing here, and there have been fewer and fewer evenings with friends and more and more babysitting of the grandkids – which I love so much. And I’m still laughing, just with new characters.  Children’s public television is on the TV more often, and at the end of one particular program recently Martha Stewart was having a conversion with Cookie Monster.  I literally burst out laughing at this one.  #toofunny

I love the way Sesame Street keeps the adult in the room entertained, too.  Have you seen this episode spoofing Les Miserables?

By far one of my favorites has been this parody of Star Wars…

You, too, must confess that these videos brought a smile to your face!  Do you have a favorite Sesame Street parody?  What makes you laugh the most?

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