Movies, Movies, Movies

I must confess, I watch certain movies over and over again.  Now you would think with all the streaming options, and You Tube, and free network viewing that I would have more than enough movie options to choose from, but I somehow find re-watching a favorite movie both comforting and enjoyable.  There are even times when my husband and I are having a conversation and we find ourselves quoting movies lines back and forth as we talk to each other.  It’s practically a contest to see who can use the most movie lines that actually make sense in the conversation we are having, but then it usually devolves into an argument over who quoted the most lines more correctly.

By far the one movie we watch most has to be Galaxy Quest.


Growing up in a house with four brothers I was forced to watch the original Star Trek series with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, so when this science fiction comedy was released as a type of spoof of the series, I howled at the irony.  There are so many little touches that serve as an homage to science fiction television of the past that they are easy to miss which is why we can ‘repeat watch’ this show so much.  Then there are just all the funny gags and lines…when looking for a lost object my husband and I imitate the Thermians as they search along the walls and ceiling for ‘the Commander’s’ lost shoe, or when lifting a heavy laundry basket or box we use the Mak’Tar chant of strength. Little phrases pop up throughout the day such as…”Those poor people,” Group hug,” “Never give up, never surrender,” “Seems ok…”

My personal go-to repeat movie is the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice.  Some liberties were taken with this version compared to the original text, but I feel they only enhance the story line and moved things along at a more captivating pace.

Pride Predjudice.jpg

I have this movie on my laptop and I truly watch it so much I can practically recite it from memory.  There’s something about a period piece that is so attractive to me – the landscape, the clothing, the dialog.  Once I watched it with closed captioning on and was amazed at all the dialog I actually was missing out on because, well, you know, English actors and all…theytalksodarnfast.

The Count of Monte Cristo has been a go-to repeat movie in our family for years.  Once again, the movie writers took some liberties with the original book, but in my opinion the changes made are for the better.  A story of love, friendship, betrayal and revenge that even has soldiers and pirates to appeal to the guys.  By far this is a movie we quote in our home waaaaay too much..


“I swear on my dead relatives, even the ones who aren’t feeling too good…”

“I’ll do it! I’ll run up to Paris – bam, bam, bam, bam. I’m back before week’s end. We spend the treasure. How is this a bad plan?”

“I find that smuggling is the life for me, and would be delighted to kill your friend the maggot!”

“We could have handled that a bit better.”

“It’s complicated.”


I will leave you with a few more gems for you to rent or stream and find out if they make your repeat list:

Rounding out our top ten:

Honorable mention for repeat holiday movie: Elf!

So which movies are on your repeat list?

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