Saturdays Mornings Just Aren’t the Same

I must confess, Saturday mornings are little more quiet around our house.  And tomorrow will be no exception.  Each and every Saturday for as long as I’ve been married to my husband these mornings have always begun with the 10 a.m. radio program Car Talk on NPR.  The show recently went off the air and the hubby is feeling a little blue about that.

When the kids were young my guy would begin his Saturdays by blasting the radio volume as the banjo music intro played, and the voices of ‘Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers’ welcomed their listeners.  Bedroom doors would slam shut so as not to hear their dad’s obsession with Ray and Tom Magliozzi, the car show’s hosts and the zany callers who asked their peculiar questions.  Nevertheless, a call-in car talk radio program turned into an entertaining hour of my husband laughing himself silly at the nonsense happening during the broadcast; the teasing of the callers, the crazy diagnostic processes for car issues, and the playful rapport between the two car mechanic brothers as they literally got down to the nuts and bolts of the car issues at hand.

I must admit I shared my kids’ distain for the show at first, since my hubby blared the volume on the radio (he wanted to be able to hear it in any part of the house he wandered into), but over time I started listening and laughing, too. If hubby forgot to turn on the radio on any particular Saturday morning I found myself doing it for him as we shared a first, then second cup of coffee just to keep listening.   If we were on the road I was there to remind him to tune in while in the car together.


I used to think if I was given an opportunity to ‘make a wish’ I would want to hang out with Tom and Ray for a day just to be able to laugh with them as hard as they always did on their show.  Their humor and laughter was infectious.  The two would eventually get around to offering a diagnosis and possible suggestion for the car repair under discussion, but not before the caller got grilled a bit, the brothers heckled each other, and the solution was offered in a sometimes convoluted but always helpful manner.  Eventually, the guys retired and the show went into ‘best of’ programs before it was eventually taken off the air in our area this past September.  No more wasting another ‘perfectly good hour’ on a Saturday morning,

So these past few Saturdays, as the husband went to turn on the radio, he realized that he didn’t need to because the voices of Tom and Ray were not there to accompany him during his morning tasks and his first cuppa joe for the day.  It’s the end of an era in our home and hopefully hubby will grieve a little less with each passing week.  I loved that he loved Car Talk and that he made me a fan, too.  I’ll miss all the wise-cracking from the Magliozzi brothers, the ‘puzzler,’ and the list of colorful characters who helped staff and produce the show that always ran at its conclusion.  Oh and don’t forget: #dontdrivelikemybrother

Were you a fan of Car Talk?  What did you like best about the show?

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