Reasons For My Joy

I must confess, I have not yet introduced you to the special reasons for my writing this blog and the constant source of my joy.  If my title includes the words ‘confessions as a young grandma,’ then you must know the amazing grandchildren in whom I delight.  So, in order of age, may I present to you the five children of my two children…

The first grandchild born in July 2013 was our beloved Chiara Assunta.  She is the firstborn of my daughter and her husband.  When the baby’s due date was first announced I was concerned that my husband and I would not be present for our first grandchild’s birth since that same weekend my son was marrying the love of his life over 300 miles away.  The expectant parents missed the Saturday wedding, but we were able to celebrate with our son and his beautiful new wife. On Sunday morning (the day after the wedding) our granddaughter decided to make some noise about being born as labor had begun.  My husband and I were able make it back home in time for her birth which occurred in the wee early hours of that Monday morning.

Chiara is a highly intelligent four year old with an active imagination and superb vocabulary.  I have witnessed words such as ‘phenomenal’ and ‘glockenspiel’ used in everyday conversation.  Named after St. Clare and a beloved great grandmother, she loves to color, play with legos, and read books.  But she also has a superpower like her young grandma.  You see, Chiara can invent songs on the spot that actually have a catchy tune with perfect lyrics to match.  “Mommy’s Coming Home from Wegmans” and “Always Say Sorry in Marriage” are two of her best hits.  Babysitting Chiara is always entertaining and I’ve had the best conversations with this dear granddaughter.

Next in age to Chiara is her little brother, John Paul Giorgio.  Named after two dynamic saints this solid two year old eats more than me at any meal I’ve ever shared with him, but you couldn’t tell that by his athletic build.  He is sweet and will charm you with his winning smile, only if he’s not feeling too shy.  Builder of MagnaTiles and lover of matchbox cars and dinosaurs, John Paul loves to be read to and has the best laugh when he finds something hysterically funny.  He cracks me up when he microwaves grapes (with sound effects too) in the toy kitchen set I keep out for the grandkids to play with when they visit .

Inquisitive and kind, John Paul is tender to babies younger than him and gives the best hugs, especially when I tell him grandma might break if he squeezes too hard.

Chiara and and John Paul have a sibling in heaven, the first in their family to see the face of Christ and a child perfectly named Magdalen Joy.  Born prematurely, Magdalen is a reminder that all life is precious and that we will see this sweet blessing in Heaven when we are all reunited once again.


Cousin to Chiara and John Paul is McKenna Grace, the first child of my son and his wife.  McKenna is a powerhouse of personality and fun, much like her parents.  As her caregiver a few days a week, I have the good fortune of spending lots of time with her and I’m loving the bonding that’s taking place.  At just over a year old, McKenna is learning new words everyday and her intelligence is remarkable.  Recently, when being taught who daddy is, my son was trying to teach her that HE was dadda by pointing to himself and she mimicked him perfectly by pointing to HERSELF and saying “Dadda.”  Now she quite often points to herself saying “Dadda!”  McKenna is a reader of books, a kicker of soccer balls, a lover of dogs, and owner of at least 100 pretty head bows.  McKenna is also probably the most photographed baby ever.  Mom and Dad enjoy phone pics throughout the workday and I’ve tried to get creative and capture unusual shots.  Who knows? I may have a future career as a photographer.

A year and a month after Magdalen’s was born into Heaven, a new little sister came along for Chiara and John Paul by the name of Azelie Susanna.  Named after the mother of St. Thereśe of Lisieux and a beloved grandmother, Zay, as she is nicknamed, is as cute as a button and a champion drooler.  As you speak to her she stares directly at your face as if she understands every word you’re saying and gives a wide smile when you’re finished as if you have said the best thing ever.  Much loved by her older siblings, Zelie is learning fast and reaching milestones ahead of schedule.  She takes the prize as best sleeper amongst her siblings.

I love being a grandma and these grandchildren who are so precious to me.  I am blessed beyond all imagining and I look forward to many more little ones to come.  As it says in Psalm 127:3, “Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord,” and I thank Him for all my blessings.

Tell me about your sweet blessings…


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