All’s Fair in Love and Shopping

I must confess, when I started writing this blog I never would have believed that my love letter to Aldi post would have been the most popular one so far.  I guess people take their grocery shopping seriously.  In all fairness, I am also a huge fan of Wegmans, a local grocery store chain in the northeast.  I often have a real conflict most weeks trying to decide which store to shop at as I ask myself, “Where will it be today?  Aldi? Wegmans? Aldi? Wegmans?”  I honestly divide my time between both stores, but I’d rather not go to both of them in the same week.  Anyway, for the sake of the uneducated and to shed some light on this fascinating topic, here is my ‘Ode to Wegmans.’  How do I love thee Wegmans?  I’m about to count the ways…

Wegman’s has, by far, an amazing selection of everything.  From excellent produce to organic products to ready to eat prepared foods, I could easily spend a substantial amount of time and money each time I shop there.  And I do!  I never seem to get out of the store for under $50 even if I only need one to two things.  There’s an old world charm to the store and the displays just invite you to come up and select a big bag of fresh fruits and veggies.  My favorite products?



That’s easy: fresh, frozen and canned organic produce; fresh baked sprouted grain bread; Nature’s Marketplace for the multitude of healthy options, and the great variety of Newman’s Own products.  Also, the hubby and I have been known to have a date at the prepared food section as he loves the hot Asian inspired dishes and I favor the thin crust pizza varieties offered.  And then afterward, I make him help me with the weekly shopping.

I can usually find an interesting gift at this grocery store as well, especially if I don’t want to take a trip to another store.  I’m a big fan of crossing off two items on my list at the same time.  The store has a nice selection of gifts especially locally themed inspirations.



There are typically a fair number of workers available if you have questions or difficulty locating things and they usually bend over backwards to help you find what you are looking for even if they must completely stop doing the task as hand to assist you.  I can often find a really good deal in the clearance section that I didn’t even know existed until I stumbled across it not too long ago.  The prices are reduced on seasonal or discontinued items and worth a drive by if you are able to find this secret little cubby located in the back of the store where I shop.


When developing my ideas for this post, I was told by a few people that I had to mention a fairly important aspect of Wegmans to you.  The bathrooms.  They are pretty remarkable; clean, well-supplied, nicely decorated, and a lovely place to visit should nature call on your grocery store run.  There, now you know.  You’re welcome.

The grocery chain has a pretty terrific app for creating a shopping list that tells you the location of all your items and is, for the most part, fairly accurate.  Home delivery is another feature that recently began in our area and those who have enrolled in the program are loving the convenience and ease of the service.

On the down side, I would say one of my biggest pet peeves about Wegmans is the tiled floor in the produce area…those hundreds of little ceramic tiles that make the worst noise and causes the grocery cart to vibrate violently as you pass over it (I’m usually moving pretty fast).  I’m thinking that they were installed so you would HAVE to go slow over them and therefore spend more time in that section.  Super annoying.


Another issue I have is at the check out when I bring my reusable bags, which I LOVE!  I mean these bags are the best for a million reasons other than for carrying groceries, like when you need a sturdy bag to travel with party dishes and snacks, paper products, baby things…anything, really.  But when I bring them with me to the store my inside voice is saying, “I am doing my part to save humanity by avoiding those horrible disposable plastic bags, so PLEASE don’t use them for any of my groceries.”  And no matter what I buy, the cashiers manage to put something in a plastic bag.  It’s probably part of their training, but doesn’t a shopper who takes the time to bring the reusable bags back each week represent those who are against plastic?  In reality when I see one of them being opened to hold one of my purchases my outside voice says, “I’ll skip the plastic bags today because I’m THE biggest fan of your reusable bags as you can see.  I think I have every color vegetable bag by now!”

I wish I could offer you a Top Ten items list like I did with my Aldi post, but there are so many wonderful options at Wegmans that I think I would need a Top One Hundred List and that’s a post for someone else to write.  Thanks for joining me on my trip through Weggies and feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section.

What makes you a fan of Wegmans?


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