Easy, Fun, and Yummy

I must confess, making chocolate covered pretzels  definitely puts me in the holiday spirit.  I always make them this time of year even though they could be made during any season.  They are easy to make, fun to give as treats, and taste so yummy.  Quite honestly, the hardest part of the whole process is assembling all the necessary supplies needed: Mercken’s Chocolate wafers, pretzel rods, sprinkles, parchment paper, treat bags.

To begin – set out everything you will need as pictured above.  You will also need a tall drinking glass and a spoon.  Place a long piece of parchment paper on the surface you’ll be using.  Pour some Mercken’s wafers into the tall drinking glass until it’s 3/4 full and microwave on high for 30 seconds.  Remove from microwave and stir the wafers with a spoon, so that any ‘hot spots’ are blended and the chocolate melts evenly.  Microwave again for another 30 seconds and stir again.  Tricky decision coming up.  You may be done with the melting process or you may need to then microwave/stir in 15 second intervals until the wafers are ready.  Once the wafers are nearly melted do not microwave again as the wafers will continue to melt and become a smooth mixture inside the drinking glass.

NOTE: Overheating the chocolate melting wafers will cause them to “bloom” and the final result will be a chocolate covered pretzel with a grey tint (two pictures shown below – one done correctly and the other with too much heat).  You want to avoid this mistake by heating the wafers in the microwave in short intervals and by stirring between each interval.  The melted chocolate mixture can be slightly lumpy just before it’s ready because the lumps continue to melt when stirred.

Once the chocolate is the right consistency and the lumps of wafers no longer appear you do NOT want to waste any time.  Begin by dipping one pretzel rod into the glass of meted wafers while turning to coat the entire pretzel rod.  I tip the glass at an angle to coat about 75% of the rod.  I leave about two inches from the end that I am holding uncoated.  As I pull the rod out of the glass I drag it over the rim of the glass to remove excess chocolate and also let the covered tip drip off excess chocolate as well, and then I quickly place it on the parchment paper.  I continue with this process until I have about 5-6 rods down on the paper and then I gently pour the sprinkles over the moist chocolate before it dries.  Be careful not to be too exuberant with shaking the sprinkles on as they fly all over the place and skitter across the floor in the process.  Resume dipping the rods in the melted chocolate until the chocolate runs out.  Often times I use broken rods for the remaining drips left in the glass as the hubby doesn’t mind that his chocolate covered pretzels don’t look all that pretty.  I repeat this process two or three times until I have my desired quantity.


When the chocolate has hardened on the pretzel rod (about an hour) I remove them from the parchment paper and, if I am giving them as a treat, I place two rods in a goody bag.  Sometimes I will add a bow or ribbon around the twist tie to give it a more holiday feel.  Often times I will just place about two dozen or so chocolate covered pretzels on a mini tray, cover with clear plastic and bring them with me to a holiday party – they are always the first treats to be eaten!  Store your chocolate covered pretzels in a cool, dry place away from heat and sun and hungry kids!  Enjoy!

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