Five More For Friday

I must confess, it’s been incredibly challenging to look on the sunny side of things lately with myself and most of my family being sick for such a long time.  I’m hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon by getting past the used tissues, cough drop wrappers, half drunk cups of peppermint tea with honey, and the empty boxes of decongestant everywhere I look.  I will be deliriously happy when the sounds of coughs and blowing noses are replaced by birds chirping and neighborhood dogs barking.  The next day we get an outdoor temperature in the fifties, I will be opening all the windows and de-germing the polluted air in my home.

My goal is typically to post on my blog once a week, but that just didn’t happen during the outbreak of all the germs.  While I was away from my laptop I did observe a few things, and I offer them to you in my second installment of Five For Friday.

1. Super Trifle Bowl 

The hubby and I were invited to the home of some wonderful friends for dinner and to watch the Super Bowl last Sunday, and we accepted the invite only to have my hubster get sidelined by a nasty sinus infection (did you catch that extremely witty football pun?!?).  I already promised a dessert for dinner and was looking forward to going, so after making sure the hubby was going to be ok at home without me, I set out to make this…

IMG_3080Friends, this dessert is a crowd pleaser and the leftovers stay as delicious as the first serving.  I found the original recipe at this site. I prefer to use pound cake or prepared dessert shells in the trifle along with French Vanilla pudding, but the recipe allows for a lot of variations depending on your tastes.  It doubles nicely if you need to make a larger dessert, too.

2. Eat Your Prayers

My daughter sent me a picture text recently that really made my day…

IMG_3140My granddaughter was learning how to pray the rosary and her mom pulled out the raisins, chocolate chips, and dried apricots so she could learn her prayers in a fun a creative way.  When I saw her the following day my granddaughter made a point of telling me to pray Hail Marys on the raisins and Our Fathers on the chocolate chips, just in case I didn’t know that already.  #cannothandlethecuteness

3. Oh Baby

With my guy and I having been under the weather, we were eating a lot of soup and bland foods.  But yesterday, I just wanted a little treat for the both of us, and I whipped up this…

IMG_3139It’s a Vanilla Dutch Baby with blueberries and I mentioned this recipe previously as our Christmas Day breakfast.  The original recipe link can be found here.  It never disappoints, so splitting it with my husband yesterday was a nice treat as we were cheering ourselves up in an attempt to get off our detour to the land of never ending illness and onto the road to recovery.  I never knew how much flavor lemon zest can add to a dish until I started making this.  If you decide to make it, don’t skimp on the zest.

4. Letter Board Fun

My son and daughter-in-law gave me a message/letter board for my birthday and I have been having a ball thinking up all the things to say on it.  I’m sure these have been popular for a while and I’m just getting around to the party which is typical for me.  Being sick has made me rather lazy, so I love the quote I found to send that message.  Oh what fun this has been, and I hope you think about getting one soon, too.


5. Inside Out? Since When?

I haven’t purchased many new clothes in the past several months and this time of year is a great time to get deals on winter items.  Having recently lost two clothing sizes, I have been excited to get into some clothes that actually fit me.  I think I’ve been doubtful about the weight staying off, so I was waiting to make sure I could maintain my current pant and shirt sizes before spending the money.  Anyway, I bought a few pants and tops, and when I went to wash the pants together with a few others I owned, I actually decided to read the laundry care labels on the new items.  Since when is everything supposed to be washed inside out and why was I not told?  Friends, I had no idea that was the new laundry mandate.

IMG_3153So before starting the load of pants I read ALL the labels, and I NEVER noticed that on eight of the ten labels on my pants it said to wash them inside out.  Now that I need to add that to the laundry routine it will undoubtedly add even more time to that chore. But from what I understand this method is supposed to get pants cleaner and they will fade less.  Who knew?  Well, I do now, and so do you.  Cheers to clean pants with less fading!

Until next time, friends, stay warm and be healthy.  #springcannotcomesoonenough

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