The Friday Five

I must confess, it’s been a week of celebrating for our family, and this is a much needed change of pace after all the germs and sickness of these long winter weeks.  We had a birthday or two, followed by Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day, and a new recipe to try.

Birthday Banana Cream Cheesecake 

IMG_3231Our family had a great time at The Cheesecake Factory this past Sunday celebrating my oldest son’s birthday.  We went for brunch which is a switch for me, since I’ve only ever eaten there for dinner or lunch.  Everyone had a great time, and as you can see by the birthday dessert, the whipped cream and bananas were not spared in the least.  I’m so proud of my son and the wonderful husband and father he has become.

Ash Wednesday/Valentine’s Day

With Ash Wednesday falling on the same day as Valentine’s Day this year, the hubby and I opted to go out to dinner in Thursday night instead.  But check out these adorable faces for Ash Wednesday:

IMG_3305Just how cute are these grandchildren with their ashes?

The following night the hubby and I went to a local restaurant that is actually a train depot converted into a Gastropub.  Read more about this landmark here.  I enjoyed a Portobello burger with sweet potato fries while the hubster got the tilapia florentine.

And, of course, because we both finally finished our rounds of antibiotics, we imbibed with some adult beverages to celebrate!

Banana Cranberry Bread

I thoroughly enjoyed a visit from my friend KO this week, and it gave me the opportunity to try out a new recipe, Banana Cranberry Bread from All Recipes (recipe link here).  I love having company, and it also gave me the opportunity to use my bone china tea pot, mugs and small plates.

IMG_3310Previously, I had tasted this bread at a gathering of friends last year, and I remembered how much I enjoyed it, so many thanks to MS for sharing the recipe link.  It tasted so cozy on a February weekday.

The only change I made was to use butter instead of lard, and in the future I would use an entire can of jellied cranberry sauce rather than one cup.  It also made two loaves so I’ve been enjoying sharing the sweet bread with others.

Such a Sweetie

I am so proud of my granddaughter who turns 18 months old today!

I have the privilege of caring for her three days a week, and she is a joy to watch as she grows by leaps and bounds everyday.  She’s talking so much these days, and learning to sort her shapes and cook pretend meals in her play kitchen.  I’m sure the months are going to fly by as we begin having conversations and doing crafts together.  I’m excited for the weeks ahead!

Well, it’s time to take down the Valentine’s Day decorations this weekend.  But, I am prepared with a new outdoor flag for next month’s big celebration.

IMG_3308There’s still some snow on the ground in Western New York but the temperatures are rising next week, and I’m thrilled to be able to open some windows and air out the house.  I’m also day dreaming about attempting to try cultivating a vegetable garden again after some failed attempts in the past, so perhaps I’ll be able to blog about that adventure soon!

What have you celebrated this week?

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