Time to Celebrate!

I must confess, I’m celebrating my Bloggiversary!  This week marks the six month anniversary of my blog, and I’ve done a little updating since you last visited.  Since beginning this endeavor back in September of 2017, I envisioned my blog as a way to amuse my family and friends with my ‘sunny’ observations and interesting takes on life as a grandma in my fifties.  Little did I know I would have a reading audience that is slowing growing around the world.

As of today, I have written 34 posts, had 1,477 views with 441 visitors.  Compared to most blogs, that’s not saying a whole lot, but to me it’s quite an accomplishment!  I am officially followed by 15 people either through WordPress or via email, and hoping to at least double this number by the time I celebrate my one year anniversary.  While the majority of my readers are from the United States, I have been amazed that some of my visits have been from readers from the United Kingdom, Romania, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Philippines, Bermuda, India, Poland, Greece, and a few more.


If you’re reading my blog for the first time, check out this post from my first introduction.  However, today I want to say a little more about myself and welcome you to the Sunny Side of Me.

I’m a happily married wife to a wonderful guy I refer to as my hubby or the hubster, mother to two adult children who married two awesome spouses that I consider two more of my children, and grandma to five adorable grandchildren (one in heaven).  I’m a sister, an aunt, a godmother, and friend.  Most of all I am a child of God, daughter of my Heavenly Father.

I am currently a ‘granny nanny’ three days a week, providing childcare to a curious and really fun granddaughter who makes me smile.  In my spare time I like hanging out with the grandkids, going on dates with the hubster, writing this blog, and playing badminton or pickleball with my friends.  And, oh yeah, Scrabble anyone?


Before I entered semi-retirement as a young grandma, I was employed in a variety of jobs that have included being an administrative assistant and event coordinator for a nonprofit organization, an adjunct professor at a community college, an elementary school teacher, employee of the Department of Motor Vehicles, shoe seller, and even a cashier at McDonald’s.  You might say I’ve enjoyed an assortment of jobs, and have appreciated the challenge of learning new things.

I was raised a cradle Catholic, and fell in love with my faith all over again about twenty years ago through the gift of Catholic Radio.  My favorite saints are Our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. Pio, St. Josemaria Escriva, St. Faustine, St. Therese and Venerable Father Nelson Baker.


My car radio is always tuned to the inspiring music at 90.7 FM or its companion app iCatholicMusic.

I am Italian and Polish by decent and my husband brags that I cook in both languages.  I recently began attempting to live a healthier lifestyle through the writings of Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his Eat To Live books, but I struggle with the sweet tooth I inherited from my mother. And I do miss my pasta and sauce.

I live in Western New York State where the weather is eight months of winter, two months of rain and two months of heat.


I complain a lot about the winter and dream of being outdoors, then the hot weather hits and I’m inside with the air conditioning on and complaining about the humidity.  But there is no other place I’d rather live. The ethnic food variety here is da bomb – Italian, Polish, Greek, Mexican – plus we have THE BEST wings and pizza.  Just sayin’.

As I get into my mid-fifties, I am realizing the value of true friendships and have been trying to cultivate a circle of people in my life with whom I care for deeply and who care for me in the same way.


I have realized that in order to have solid friends, I need to be a solid friend.  It takes time and commitment from both sides in order for any relationship to grow.  I have enjoyed reaching out to old friends to re-connect, not realizing what I treasure I had let slip through my fingers when our friendship was younger.  I have discovered that I have a difficult time making new friends, but I am trying.

I’m not a risk-taker and most of my life is carefully planned, for the most part.


Be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend to be. #PictureQuotes Source: PictureQuotes.com

Risk-taking and adventures are for brave-hearted people who live exciting lives, and I am more a person who likes to follow the rules and play it safe.  It’s only been recently that I’ve began taking some small risks, like starting this blog for instance.  For a sensitive soul such as myself little risks are pretty big mountains to climb.

I’m an extroverted introvert… with a tendency towards being sensitive.  I have learned by reading many of the pins on Pinterest that I am most probably an HSP – a Highly Sensitive Person.  Here’s a great graphic from Shannon Rosenberg at BuzzFeed that explains better:

HSP2My nieces and nephews are crazy for personality tests and profiles, and they’ve been a frequent topic of conversation at family gatherings for years now.  Here is a confirmation of my theory of being an extroverted introvert with a scoop of HSP on top:


Friends, did you see all the feelings I feel?  A “distinct preference” for all the feelings, yikes!  There are many days I wish I were less sensitive and more a thinker, but I guess I wouldn’t be the way I was created to be.

Well, enough about me.  Thanks for being on this incredible journey and for celebrating my bloggiversary.  I hope you might like or comment.  Better yet, follow my blog.  I would love hear from you, friends.  Sunny blessings on your day!


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