A Tasty Road Trip

I must confess, I recently saw an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (click here to view), and a pub was featured that is located in the Syracuse, New York area – only a couple hours away from my home.  It was a repeat of a past show, but the dishes that were highlighted looked awesome, and I was in the mood for a road trip.  So the hubby and I made plans with some pretty awesome young people and hit the road with our appetites.  We brought my nephew (who was back home for a visit and was returning to school in the city) and my lovely niece, and then we met up with another cool nephew and his beautiful fiancé who also happen to live in Syracuse. So it was the perfect opportunity to visit with everyone and check out Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub and Restaurant.

20180224_113337IMG_3545IMG_3512This place is an authentic Irish Pub that had a cool vibe, and we were seated immediately for lunch.  If we had arrived a few hours later, we would have been able to enjoy live music that day.

We ordered the Reuben Fritters as appetizers and they were crazy good.  I was too busy devouring my fritters to take a picture in time. Sorry. Not sorry.  They were a tangy and flavorful treat.  If you clicked on the link above and watched the segment that appeared on the Food Network show, you can see how they are made and the ingredient list.  My favorite victual of the day!

I have never eaten Shepherd’s Pie and was excited to try it as my main course.  The rest of our crew selected Bangers and Mash, Burgers, and a Chicken Wrap.

My Shepherd’s Pie was a comforting and delicious dish, and the portion sizes of everyone’s meals were generous.  I hear the Irish Meatloaf and the Fish Fry are amazing as well.  The Pub also has a full drink menu with a nice variety of Irish beer and whiskey.  We all truly enjoyed our meals, and I was so glad we made the effort to eat at Kitty Hoynes.  The last time we tried to go it was a Sunday and they were closed.  The waitstaff was attentive, and our lunchtime meal passed with easy and laughter-filled conversation.

After lunch, we enjoyed a competitive game of Pictionary.  It’s been a while since we played this game and it never disappoints.

I think ‘jaywalk’ was the fastest guessed word of the day, with the boys beating the girls this round.  Next time, the girls will crush ’em.  #girlpower

I can honestly say the venture to Kitty Hoynes and the opportunity to spend time with the kids was such a blessing.  The distance for a road trip was just right, the company was top notch, the food was fantastic, and good fun was had by all.  If you are ever in the Syracuse, New York area I would highly recommend Kitty Hoynes.

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