Thanks for the Memories

I must confess, it’s been a looooong time since I purchased a dining room set – thirty years to be exact.  I bought my first set as a young wife and mother while working at a part-time job to save up the cash.  It  was a beautiful oak set that was Amish made and included two eighteen inch leaves and six chairs.  It lasted a long time, and many wonderful meals were eaten at that table.  It survived two messy toddlers who grew into adventurous teens and eventually adults who now bring their toddlers over.  It lived though a move and various remodeling jobs.  It hosted birthday parties, holiday meals, school projects, and a whole lot of clutter.

Over time our dining table grew old and worn out.  It’s legs became arthritic and its shine faded.  It had become heat and beverage stained, acquired a few scratches, and was broken in a couple of places.

Thirty years old and just plain worn out.

Always having to put a table-cloth on it to cover up its age made me sad, but I was thankful for that old table and am very happy it found a good home with my nephew.

I had been on the hunt for a new set for over a year, searching for that one collection of table and chairs that would meet all the particulars on my list of “must haves.”  I wanted a trestle table with no posts at the corners so that I could maximize seating, and it needed to extend to seat at least twelve people comfortably.  Padded seats were a must because I am no fan of hard wooden seats.  The color of the wood needed to match or at least complement the existing wood in the dining/kitchen area and it needed to fit my budget.

While browsing at a local furniture store for a totally unrelated purchase, a gorgeous dining set caught my eye.  I pulled out a chair and sat down at the table right in the middle of the store.  I knew this set was going to be the one.

annaexcitedThe padded chairs were so comfy, the design of the wood was beautifully done in a warm brown color, it extended to seat more guests, and it looked like it was on sale so I took a few pics to document my find.  I went home to continue my research and talk it over with the hubby.  He seemed really interested, so together we did a little investigating.  We saw that the set was less expensive on the store website, so together we went back to the brick and mortar store in hopes we could buy the set and that they would honor the on-line price.  After a brief conversation with the salesperson, we made our purchase at the sale price and I began my preparations for its arrival.

As I was looking at the space where the old table sat and the new table was going to occupy I felt that the clunky and outdated ceiling fan with overhead light was not going to look too great.

The old ceiling fan. A relic now that we have air conditioning.

I checked out some ideas at my local big box home improvement store and I had a signature statement in mind.  I came across some cool light fixtures…

Loved this one!
Can you say bling?!

but I was talked out of all the bling that I was drawing my attention.

I spent a couple of days on the search and found the perfect one.  This lovely fixture would look so great above the new table and would set off the dining space beautifully.  The real difficulty would be to convince the hubster to install it.  Luckily he’s such a great guy and I’m a great convincer!

This will look great above the new dining set.

Seeing how all the dining sets are prepared with table settings in the furniture showroom made me itchy to select a pretty display for my own.  It’s always dangerous when I go into the Home Goods Store because I love so many of the great decorations there.  I wanted to get a table runner, some placements and a centerpiece that would look nice and fit my taste, and I had a lot to choose from but settled on a few small things that would go nicely with the set.

About ten days later after placing the furniture order, the truck pulled up with my delivery.  It was a joy to see them bring it in and set it up.  One of the dining chairs had a minor flaw, so I asked the delivery person to please replace it and was taken care of with no other issues.  Just waiting for the replacement chair now which should arrive soon.

Getting ready for the first meal!

I was excited to decorate the table with my purchases from Home Goods, and had been planning a special meal for our first dining experience.  We invited the hubby’s parents to join us as I made homemade red sauce as part of a meal that included Eggplant Parmesan Casserole, pasta, and oven baked asparagus, mushrooms, onions along with some apple pie and carrot cake.

Awaiting our dinner guests.
These two are the cutest!

I can honestly say that it was worth the long thirty year wait for my new dining room set and the wonderful updates we made as a result.  Our eating area is so cozy and comfortable, and I am looking forward to making many more memories with the children, grandchildren, and extended family and friends in the months to come.


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