Four For Friday

I must confess, I am in love with Daylight Saving Time (that’s right, the proper word is Saving not Savings, as I just learned this week and now you know the deal, too).  I am thrilled that there is sunshine right now at 6:45 pm on a Thursday evening in Western New York as I draft this blog at my dining room table, in spite of the fact that there is still a ton of snow everywhere I look.  I drool with anticipation (well, maybe not drool, but let’s say my heartbeat quickens) for the lengthening of days and the return of warmer weather.  Let’s make this a year round thing everybody.  And Easter’s on its way!

Love these adorable shelf sitters (with posable bunny ears) from Big Lots.

In the meantime, here are some fun things that happened this week for my Friday Four.

First Day of Spring
In addition to the calendar marking the beginning to Daylight Saving Time, another event on the calendar was reached this week with the first day of SPRING!  If I told you I did a happy dance would you believe me?  Yes, indeed I did.  And, dear friends, you would not believe the wildlife I saw at my house on March 20th…



A cardinal greeted me first thing in the morning as I drank my first cup of joe while the hubby snapped a picture of what he saw from his office window – a deer scampering away from our house, and I could NOT believe my eyes when I saw a weird looking cat in my backyard later that afternoon.  Check out that pointy nose and bald tail!  Well, it turned out to be a possum (actually called an opossum – now that’s two really cool fun facts you learned so far).  I was expecting something even more crazy to appear on the property by the end of the day, but no kangaroos or giraffes showed up.  For a residential neighborhood I am always amazed at the wildlife we see roaming in the ‘hood.

Musical Anyone?
My talented nieces and nephews had their musicals this weekend, so there was a lot of theater attending to be had.  It was such a treat to see Les Miserables and Annie with these awesome kids.  When did they get so big and grow so talented?  I remember when they were born – just yesterday.  Oh no! I’m turning into all my old aunts and uncles that used to say stuff like, “You’re growing like a weed,” which I swore I would never tell a kid.  Anyway, they are super talented young adults, and I am so proud of Nick, Mary, Emily, and David!



I am looking forward to see where their talent and gifts take them in the future!

As I mentioned previously in a recent post, the hubby and I are doing some renovations to give our home a more updated look, and we finally pulled the trigger on some purchases.  With any new project I typically get caught up in the excitement and thrill of the process and want to get started immediately.  And, of course, the hubster and I differ in how we approach things.  He prefers NOT spending money especially when, in his opinion, everything we already have is perfectly fine the way it is.  money throw This time around I tried to approach things a little more analytically, as he would prefer, with forethought and purpose and budget-conscious.  So I put together a timeline and thought through every detail, and we talked through MORE things and prayed together A LOT before the wheels of progress started turning.  Friends, honestly, I still had a ball even though the pace was more controlled.  Here’s a preview of some of the options we considered, and quite possibly even purchased…



As soon as the updating is complete, I’ll be sure to give you the thorough tour of the house.

Pickleball Fun
I am so fortunate to be blessed with the best bunch of people with which I play badminton and pickleball.

Pickleball and badminton players extraordinaire…

This week we began a pickleball tournament that started with seeding placement and next week will culminate in both the championship and consolation games. The winner will receive the Golden Pickleball Paddle Trophy (which is really just a broken paddle that I put some bling on to honor the big occasion).  I am sure 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams will be presented with some awards of a pickle-ish nature, so I’ll keep you in suspense as to their winnings until next week.

Blessings on your Friday, friends.  I hope and pray your upcoming Holy Week and Easter will be filled with many graces and blessings.


5 thoughts on “Four For Friday

  1. I was enjoying your post, and then got really excited when you mentioned you play Pickleball. It’s so fun, isn’t it? And you’re running a tournament too? Any time we have a great point during our weekly games, we say it’s “tournament worthy.” Yea, I made that up. Good luck! Bring home the bling paddle.


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