A Walk on the Sunny Side

I must confess, it’s been taking extra effort these days to look on the sunny side of things. With the cold and continued snowy weather being the main culprit that’s been bringing down the mood around here, I woke up today and made a conscious decision to look on the brighter side of things and this is how it all went down…

One look out the window and all I could say to myself was, “Oh no!  Not MORE snow today!

And yet there it was; I simply could not believe my eyes. It’s the talk of every store or office I go into these days.  Well, today I took a firm stand against Mother Nature, so instead of continuing my complaining – you know what I did?  I planted a garden!  Ok, not a real garden.  But in anticipation of a vegetable garden the hubby and I hope to plant this spring, I started a few seedlings.  Last month I purchased several seed packets and Aldi had a huge bag of soil for only $2.49.  The clear plastic cups and disposable cake pans with lids came from the $1 store.

Tomatoes, zucchini squash, and lettuce were begun as indoor seedlings today, and to these favorites we will add directly to the garden basil, spinach, kale, and garlic.  We plan to do raised beds with some chicken wire protection from the wildlife that seems to like to party in our back yard.

Dear readers, we need some advice from all you backyard gardeners… what can we do to make this year’s harvest a great one?  How can we combat powdery mildew?  What keeps the critters from thinking we’re providing them a salad bar in the yard?  HELP!  These are the problems that we faced in the past that have kept us from gardening in recent years.  Since we are eating more plant-based meals it only seems logical to give it a go once again, but we want to be successful and can use all the advice we can get. PLEASE post in the comments section – #needyourbestgardentips.

One other effort to keep on the sunny side – many of you know that I am a ‘Granny Nanny’ to my sweet granddaughter, McKenna, who I care for three days a week.  Today she’s leaving with her mom and dad for five days on vacation to a warm and sunny place, and I will be sad to not spend time with this cuddle bunny, and I am going to cherish this picture from yesterday of Elmo whispering sweet nothings in her ear…IMG_4618

Elmo has become her new best friend and it seems like he is in love with her too!  I am happy for her little family to be getting away, because they all deserve a break with time to relax and get away from this awful spring weather here in Western New York.  This time off from my duties also gives me the opportunity to take care of an annoying problem.

Apparently I had a bug bite last year that looked like it never healed.  I had all sorts of wild and crazy ideas about what it could be and why it didn’t heal.  I saw my dermatologist and was relieved to find out it was merely a common callus. Phew!  I’m not gonna die anytime soon from this.  I tried explaining what this condition was to my son yesterday, but he has an aversion to anything involving medical descriptions and makes me stop before getting into specific details.  When stories of his forceps delivery come up during family parties, he makes a bee line out of the room.

Nevertheless, this mark is a painful spot on the top of my left foot and I wanted it removed.  The only problem was that I needed to have two days off my feet with limited activity following that.  Combine that with my granny nanny schedule and the dermatologist’s schedule and it’s been like trying to align the sun, moon, and stars to make it to happen.  Well, today was the day dear readers.  Yay for perfect timing!IMG_4658Knowing I would be off my feet from a couple of days, I invited myself over to my daughter’s house to recuperate, since both of our husbands are out-of-town on business this week. I didn’t want to be too much of a bother, so this morning I made this Rainbow Veggie Fried Rice recipe to bring with me and to share with the dinner meal.   IMG_4650The recipe can be found here at this link.  It was a new recipe and I was excited to make it, and to have something to look forward to eating following my dermatologist appointment.  I must admit I did a little taste testing after preparing it, and I am know I am going to like this dish very much.

Anyway, this foot procedure that I had today requires a small surgical incision and a few stitches, so I will be off my feet for a couple of days.  Crashing on my daughter’s couch was a great way to stay off my feet, and visit with my other three grandchildren as we got to read library books, and I rested with my foot up.  It was also a treat for my daughter and I to spend some time together.

There you have it – making lemonade from lemons.  Happy to have this day in spite of the snow and cold to spend time with loved ones, to plant some seedlings, to try a new recipe, and to take care of my health.  God is so good and life is beautiful.  Wishing for sunny days wherever you are, friends.  Gimme those gardening tips, too!

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