Little Else to Do

I must confess I’m not a very good idle person.  And yet here I am confined to the couch for yet another day feeling like a fat cat,

fat cat

but needing to lay still with a few stitches in my left foot (see yesterday’s post for more info).  I am itching to get up and get all the things done – you know all the stuff that gets ignored because when I am feeling healthy – it’s just too busy to attend to them, but then they become immensely noticeable when I have to sit look at them all day.

raising hand Pam

Yup, that’s me right now.  My mental list of things to do is growing exponentially as I type, but I will say the last few hours have been somewhat productive in spite of this.

I picked up my lap top and did some virtual house cleaning since I can’t do any of my actual house cleaning.  I know I’m not supposed to save pictures and documents to my desktop, but I bet anyone reading this right now does it too.  My display looks like a pile of icons fell all over the screen in tidy rows and columns making it look cluttered in a weirdly systematic sort of way.  I finally made proper folders and tidied up, and boy does it feel like I can think again!  So long clutter!

computer happy

Next, I did what any wise person would do in my situation and I backed-up both my lap top and smart phone.  I’ve had too many anxiety filled experiences where I nearly lost all my digital content including some irreplaceable pictures.


I made a promise to myself that I would back-up my stuff a minimum of once a month and today was the perfect day to keep that promise.  I don’t use the actual “cloud” but back up to a device in my home.  And, as I connected my phone to the computer, I noticed there was some new software available for my phone.  Always in a hurry, I skipped this step to get the jobs at hand done, and made a mental note to do the update another time. Back-ups completed.  YES!


Another time-killing hour was spent deleting superfluous and junk email from all my accounts.  I don’t like giving my real email address in order to sign up for promotions, so I’ve created a few extra email accounts to be the lucky recipients of all those deals that I think I’ll need in order to shop at all the stores I rarely get to.  I probably deleted close to 500 emails.  Buh-bye expired deals and old coupons.

For the last hour, I transferred all my pictures and videos from my smart phone to my lap top and also to my cloud, in order to clear up some space on my phone.


It’s always so shocking to me that I can acquire nearly 1,000 pictures in a matter of weeks and it feels great to pare them down to a smaller batch of favorites.  So when I was finished I figured I should back up my phone again, but then I remembered there was that new software update I should have done before, and this time I actually did it.  Software update and back-up #2 done, and now I’m all digitally cleaned up.

Except I can still see all the stuff I need to clean around the house.


Time for some binge watching on Netflix or Hulu I suppose.  Or maybe I’ll take a nap.  At least I’m not missing out on any sunshine or warm weather here in Western New York where there are still snowflakes in the forecast for next week!


I think I’ll spend some time praying for sunshine and warm weather!

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