The Perfect Word to Describe Today

via Daily Prompt: Fret

I must confess, when I saw the Daily Prompt today I was shaking my head and saying, “Yes! Today is a day to fret.”  In a recent post I was excited to tell you about some upcoming renovations we were doing to our home, and today was carpet installation day.  Only it’s not quite fully carpet installation day because they incorrectly pre-cut the carpeting that was supposed to be installed. When the installer arrived and began looking at the layout of all four areas getting the new carpets the math did not add up.  So now I am fretting, friends.

crying gif

You see, the hubby and I spent so much time in preparation for this day and we were READY!  Hubby and I talked about how we wanted to update the house this spring, went to home improvement stores to look at our options, brought home samples to compare, researched pricing, had our home measured, negotiated for a good price, set a date for installing, moved all our furniture into other spaces, pulled up the existing carpets and pad, fixed problem areas, touched up walls and trim with fresh paint, and waited in anxious anticipation for today.  I even woke up early and baked a cinnamon swirl bread for the guys installing the rugs.

HOWEVER, when only one installer showed up for this big job instead of the two we were told to expect, I knew it would mean one guy doing a lot of work.  Let the fretting begin. “Joe” said he would be fine by himself and asked to plug in a radio for some music.  I said yes and got him a nice cool drink; carpet materials started coming into the house.

Then I heard the music playing in the hallway.  Ugh.  Probably my least favorite style of music, and with “Joe” singing along I couldn’t ask this hard working guy to turn it off. So I fretted some more in my self-imposed prison at my kitchen island trying to read, but not really because “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” was reverberating off the echoey walls of my home.


But that’s not all friends – because no sooner did “Joe” bring in the last of his tools of the trade then he told me the carpet was cut wrong.  Three of my four spaces would have enough carpet as promised, but not the fourth.  We spent a lot of money on carpeting, and to hear it was cut wrong ramped up the fret, dear readers.

My options were to have additional seams in my living room with the wrongly cut pieces to make it work today, OR let them order a whole new piece of carpet and install it in ten days.  Hello fretting, my dear friend.

Family room carpet going in

I opted to wait for a whole new piece of carpeting to come ten days from now, and here I am with Eric Clapton telling me I look wonderful tonight.  Yes, fretting was on the menu for this girl today. But ya know what?  The hubster and I will take our time putting back the furniture in the other spaces and spend some more time getting the living room looking even better – maybe give the whole room a fresh coat of paint and change up the book cases with some updated grandkid pictures and decor.  I plan to have a big reveal post about the updates once they’re completed.

All of this is not the end of the world, so that’s why fret is the perfect word to describe my day – as a day to fret.  I was excited to wake up in anticipation of the new carpet, I fretted a bunch, and now my fret is melting into a mild sadness.  I am happy to be getting the carpets installed in the three areas as expected, but disappointed things will not get finished in the living room.  We have tile flooring coming on Thursday for the hall, closet, and half-bath and I’m trying not to fret in advance.

And, oh yeah, my dishwasher just died.  Drinking a great big cup of fret right now…

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