Good Riddance Winter, Hello Spring

I must confess, I blinked and spring was gone.  The weather here in Western New York went from freezing and snow to 92 degrees yesterday, setting a record in these parts.  I will not miss this past winter.  Ever.  Nope.  Not even gonna look back and complain all over again about how miserable it was.  Spring started winding up not too long ago, and then blew right past me as the hot temperatures quickened the blooming of all the flowers.  I could not, however, let this time pass without commenting on the fact that spring blooms are my favorite.  Here’s the proof…

The first blooms of the season are typically on my lilac shrub, and this year we got the most blooms ever!  Each time I smell I lilac blossoms I am transported back to my childhood during the month of May… our next door neighbors had two large lilac trees growing in their backyard which blossomed directly under our kitchen window and each time the window was open there was an intense fragrant scent coming from those blooms.  This is definitely one of my favorite childhood memories.

IMG_5291Forget-me-nots also begin their appearance this time of year and these are my all time favorite wild flower.  Tiny but memorable, these flowers always put a smile on my face.  These were grown from seed by yours truly.

IMG_5477I have no idea what these blooms are called, but I am in love with them.  This picture comes from my daughter’s front yard, but I wish they were in mine.  The same neighbor with the lilac trees had these types of shrubs growing in their front yard.  Also making their appearance in spring, these pretty flowers were my favorite to act as a bridal bouquet when my Barbie Doll married GI Joe (I don’t remember owning a Ken doll – but hazily recollect my brothers having GI Joe.)  If I was able to perform an outside ceremony, the petals would act like confetti when the wind blew them around the yard.

IMG_5480People have mixed opinions about hydrangea, but not me.  They are a lot of bang for the buck and they bloom year after year.  These hardy blooms add so much color and happiness to my life.  This snapshot was again from my daughter’s home.

IMG_5481I bought these petunias at a nearby market a few days ago and the fuchsia flowers are so vibrant.  Plus their fragrance is enchanting.  When I pull into my driveway they greet me with a huge hello.

My rhododendron bush is crazy with blooms this spring as well and, again, we got the most blossoms ever.  The only down side to these big blooms is the fact that all the bees love them too.  I tread lightly when watering in the area.

We have another shrub that blooms on the side of our house and if I don’t drive home in a certain direction, I could miss this beautiful display in the spring.  I have no idea what these are but, oh my, do they look sweet.

IMG_5489The peonies are not quite there yet, but the ants are doing their job helping them along.  I am sure by this time next week we will have a few blooms to put in a vase at the dining room table.

In April we lost our front yard tree to an ice storm and just this morning I saw new sprouts going up next to the tree trunk.  Excited to see how much they will from this summer!

IMG_5486And last year our ash tree had to be cut down due to the ash borer killing it and now the new growth is nearly five feet tall!

I’m hoping the ninety degree weather will not stick around.  I miss my seventies with a gentle breeze.  How’s the weather been near you?  What blooms put a smile on your face in the spring?



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