The Big Reveal

I must confess that I’ve been a little less than enthusiastic about blogging lately.  Recently several people asked my about my blog, and I thought it was about time to get back into the swing of things.  When my daughter in particular asked why I haven’t been posting, I thought about it and replied honestly, “Since our spring home improvement project went awry, the wind has gone out of my sails, and my usual sunny side has gone a little shady with discouragement.”

You see, friends, a few months back I posted that I had this home renovation going on, and that I would be doing a big reveal when it was done (read about it in this post and a second one I wrote), but there were so many issues with the company we hired for the carpet and tile flooring that what was to be a two-week project turned into a two month journey into nothing but problems.  So the ‘Sunny Side of Me’ became the ‘Dark Side of Discouragement’.

I truly wanted to be upbeat and maintain my generally optimistic disposition, but it was a chore to feel anything but sadness and some anger about the situation.  I am choosing not to name the company we hired to do the work because the manager honestly tried to make things right with us, and even compensated us with a small refund and additional services.  But they came to our home no less than nine times to install carpeting and tile (and to fix issues with said carpeting and tile) over the course of April and May when the original installation was supposed to have only taken 2-3 days.  When it was done it was still not what we asked for, hence the compensation.

So, as promised, here are some pictures of the renovation:


Our wonderful nephew, David, who is a high school junior, built these beautiful wooden stair rails and they are my favorite part of our project.  No more swaying railings with an ugly, shiny brown finish.  Solid red oak with a light brown stain have truly improved the stairs in our home.  I literally smile every time I place my hand on the rails to go up or down the stairs.


We also replaced the closet doors with oak and said goodbye to the orangey brown ones that preceded them.  The hubby still needs to add the handles but they really give a warmer feel to the entrance of our home.

Here is the tile flooring and vinyl molding we had installed that caused a great deal of the trouble.


I like how it turned out, but it has been a reminder of the series of problems it caused and due to the fact that the final product was still not what we first selected.  I am appreciative of how nice it looks now and the updated look we have, but not the choices we initially desired.


The carpeting installation in the living room finally took place after a delay of ten days and the proper size was cut.  I like the fact that the ugly green rug is gone, and I added pale green shears and accent pillows to the room.


I spent way too much time at Kirkland’s and Hobby Lobby decorating this sitting corner, but am happy with the way it was finished.

IMG_5860Plus the cream-colored chairs and bench can be added to the dining room table for more seating when needed.

When we finally had the project done with all the touch up paint finished, smudges wiped away with pillows fluffed and in place, we invited some dear friends over to the house.  The hubby and I were so ready to be done with the stress and the work, and we were hoping to take a break from home improvement.  But you are not going to believe what happened on the very evening we had our first guests over…

IMG_5318Would you believe our front steps literally split in two?  I mean there was always a hairline crack in the concrete, but in the 19 years we have lived in this house nothing has ever happened to indicate that the grand canyon of concrete was about to occur.  Then the very night was have our first guests since the renovations, the concrete sea parted and left enough room for one of my grandchildren to fall through.  So now there’s that to contend with, but I think I’m going to just buy and extra-large welcome mat for now.  I just can’t handle another project at the moment.

The sun has set on the spring renovation at our house, and I’m beginning to get my sunny disposition back.  We even hosted our badminton banquet here last week, so I must be getting back to normal.  I am grateful to have the blessings of a wonderful home and neighborhood, but I am especially grateful to the hubster for all his love and support (and shoulders to cry on) in bringing things to completion.  On to the next project, EVENTUALLY.


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