Wine, Food, Beer, Flowers

I must confess, I had a near death experience today.  It happened at the car wash.  I was getting the plethora of dead insect remains off of my car as I happily rolled on through the scrubbers when everything stopped. WHAT!  When I was a kid this was one of my worst nightmares.  The last word I heard another human say was “NEUTRAL!”  I was not initially concerned, but when a good thirty seconds went by I got a little more than concerned.  I think I sat there a solid full minute listening to dripping water and felt no machinery movement – it felt like an eternity – you know that awful feeling, right?  I thought, “This could be REALLY bad, but I’m not going to overreact like I typically do.”  At last the scrubbers started scrubbing again and the sprayers started spraying again, and I was once more released into the sunshine and heat of eighty degree temperatures.  Yay for living another day!

And I know what you’re asking yourself.  I bet you’re wondering why I had all those dead insects on my car?  Well, the hubby and I took a road trip last week to the Thousand Islands.  There’s something about taking a vacation during the last week of June that screams, “Vacation Time!”  Perhaps it’s all those years I was a student and then taught elementary school, but going away during this time frame is a great way to initiate summer.  School’s out – let the good times roll!

Now when most people think of a trip to the Thousand Islands it usually involves camping, hiking, boating and all those ‘nature lover’ types of things, but our trip was fashioned for the young grandparents that we are and included shopping, wine and beer tastings, and delicious meals with tablecloths and silverware overlooking the gorgeous St. Lawrence River.

Speaking of shopping, you all know how much I love my coffee mugs (if you don’t then read this) and what is a vacation trip without bringing back a nice memento?  You’ll never guess what I got!?


You had to have seen that coming.  Anyway, we stayed in a cottage adjacent to a winery and, needless to say, enjoyed the adult beverage scene there and in the vicinity.  It has to be at least twenty years since I last visited the area, and I simply cannot believe how many vineyards have sprung up.

Our first wine tasting was a blast – four samples for free or six for a buck?  We stood at the head of the line! I even brought a notebook to keep track of all the flavors.

Our wine tender told us the story of a German tourist who corrected her pronunciation of one of the wines that I especially enjoyed, Gewürztraminer, saying that the tourist instructed her to say it with much more anger.  After a few more samples of wine we were all screaming Gewürztraminer!!” with gusto and authority.

We took a break from wine tasting on the second day to visit Heart Island and Boldt Castle after taking a one hour boat tour of the islands and St. Lawrence River.

The castle was to have been a gift to the wife of the first owner but, sadly, she died before it was completed. We watched a short video about its history and George Boldt, who invented the phrase, “The customer’s always right.”  He also popularized 1,000 Islands Dressing and Waldorf Salad.  Click here for more info about this tourist attraction.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch outside the castle, and I could not help taking pictures of all the beautiful flowers on the grounds.

Dinner was enjoyed overlooking the water at Foxy’s (a recommendation of a friend of the hubster) with bacon wrapped scallops, teriyaki salmon, haddock marinara, and my favorite, a key lime martini.

Again, I was captivated by the flowers as we walked around town…

The next day it rained, but who cares? We ate a lovely lunch at Bella’s (thanks for another great recommendation TB) – fish tacos, lobster bisque, curry chicken salad, and did a little shopping in Clayton.

More wine tasting occurred down the road at Coyote Moon Winery where we actually ended up buying a red sauce made with one of their red wines, Casa Papa.

I almost bought these coasters, because after all that wine drinking…


We enjoyed eating dinner at the cottage with our meal leftovers, made some pasta and red sauce, and yelled, Gewürztraminer!!”  from time to time.

A flight of beer was next on the itinerary.  Well, I only took a few sips while the big guy enjoyed the beer.  It was fun, but the wine was funner.  (It’s the wine speaking that bad grammar).

I’m glad I did not suffer any ill effects from the car wash incident today, because blogging about this trip was on my schedule.  The end of June and beginning of July are great celebrations in my marriage to my St.-Joseph-Mr.-Spock-kind-of-guy, beginning with his birthday and ending with our anniversary.  This plaque I saw while shopping on vacation pretty much sums up my feelings today on our anniversary…


May you and yours have a very blessed Independence Day!



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