What a Treasure

I must confess, this summer has been running away from me with too many fun and interesting things to do, and it’s kept me away from blogging, but I could not let the chance pass by to tell you about an extraordinary camping experience we had recently with, like, oh, about hundred other people.

Yes, you read that correctly, nearly one hundred family and friends descended upon the KOA Treasure Lake cabins last weekend, and it was a time filled with activities, conversation, relaxation, fun and games.  This has been a tradition for nearly fifteen years with this wonderful group, and it starts with packing all the things then taking a three-hour car ride to Pennsylvania in order to gather together for all the fun, food, family, friends, and faith.

It’s not a long car ride without an ice cream stop for the hubby.

Each cabin at the site is set up like a duplex with two families sharing one cabin with separate side by side living spaces.  While the cabin has a full bath, kitchen, bed, couch, table, and heat/air conditioning – we always need to bring our own bedding, towels, food/beverages, lawn chairs, pop-up tent, sports equipment, etc.  Ok, it’s not quite roughing it, but you get the picture.  It’s almost comical to see the families nearly bust out of their vehicles when they arrive having all available spaces filled with all the things.  And even then we share our stuff with camping neighbors because something is inevitably forgotten.  

Over this six-day period people stayed for as long as their schedules allowed – some for the full time and others for just an overnight.  The hubby and I haven’t had a lengthy stay in a few years, but this year we decided to attend as our whole little family of children and grandchildren were going to be there.

Arrived safely – ready for fun.

The weather was sunny and hot, thankfully, as there have been years when it’s been cold and rainy.  It was such a joy to watch the kids and grandkids doing all the fun activities that our friends organized from rock painting to fishing to badminton. 


There were card games and board games, a round of golf and an epic pillow fight, trips to the beach and trips to the store for forgotten items, campfires and a Super Hero theme night with shared snacks, dancing, and games. 

Connect Four

I think my favorite part of the weekend was the outdoor Mass when all the campers gathered in a quiet area of the campgrounds for our Sunday worship.  


I remember when our two children first experienced this camping trip when they were in their teens, and how they enjoyed all the interaction and good times. This past weekend we got to see them as parents in their own right, sharing this adventure with their little ones while we tried to help them with the challenges of active toddlers and pre-schoolers. 


We did enjoy some games and the company of other grown-ups, but it was such a joy to see this come full-circle with the grandchildren added to the mix.  It made my young grandma heart feel so full.  We are incredibly grateful to our faith friends who invite us and organize us each year, and for all the fellow campers whose company was truly a blessing to us.


As August marches on I am reminded that there are still so many things I want to accomplish before the hard, cold days of winter set in.  Each time I see September peeking around the corner I get a little hesitant to flip the calendar page, wishing I could put on the breaks and slow things down a bit before breaking out the sweatshirts and warm socks.  When that happens, though, I guess I will just have to settle for remembering the sunny, fun days like the ones we had at Treasure Lake.

Our Treasure Lake Camping Community – August 2018

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