Six for Saturday

I must confess I am a sucker for sweet sounding alliteration (did you catch that?) which is why many of my blog articles are entitled this way.  Anyway, it’s about time I posted again, but I’ve been preoccupied with a variety of late summer activities which have kept me away from my laptop lately.  But today is the day for catching up on all things Sunny.  So here’s the scoop on six sensational somethings since I last posted…

September Beginnings

I dare say that I am entering the month of September dragging my feet with some kicking and screaming – not so much because I dislike autumn, but because of what follows it – WINTER.  I actually love the fall (read here) and the cooler weather and all things pumpkin and apple.  For the longest time following an academic calendar ruled my life (having been a student and later a teacher of both elementary school and community college).  Over the last several years I’ve made the adjustment to a regular calendar that begins with January rather than September.  It has been a nice change of pace for me.  However, this September marked the beginning of school for my oldest grandchild, Chiara, who began kindergarten this week; and her brother, John Paul, who is started pre-school. 

Chiara is a kindergartener
First day of school for Chiara and John Paul

The next grandchild in age, McKenna, began gymnastics class this fall as well. 

First day of gymnastics
McKenna with Daddy.

The youngest grandchild, Azelie, was my buddy for the morning one day this week, and while she is not yet in school, she is teaching ME a lot about having fun!  

Zelie being silly.
IMG_7199 2
Let’s blow bubbles!

With two more grandchildren on the way in the next several months there will be many more first days of school to look forward to in the years to come, and it’s back to an academic calendar (of sorts) for me!

The Wheels on the Bus

My granddaughter McKenna turned two in August, and she had a themed birthday party (Wheels on the Bus) which was a big hit. 


My daughter-in-law could have easily had a career in event planning with all of the clever decorations and food that went along with the theme.  A favorite at the party was a photo op with the life size school bus decoration.  The party  was the first big event hosted by my son and his wife in their new home, and it was wonderful.


Anniversary Surprise

My husband’s parents live down the street from us, and they spend a lot of time sitting on their front porch.  The pair were using a patio loveseat that had seen better days, and this past week our family decided to surprise them with a new loveseat along with pillows, blanket, and flowers.  


It was a hit with them, and we were so pleased they liked it.  They celebrated 56 years of marriage on September 1st, and it was a blessing to celebrate with them.

Blueberry picking!

Young Love

This is the season in our lives where many of our friends’ children are getting married, and we were able to enjoy another wedding last weekend.  What was so special about this occasion was being able to assist our friends with the rehearsal party.  A cadre of close friends was able to transform a gathering room at our church into a lovely reception spot for the rehearsal dinner. 


It was a beautiful experience working with the team of creative and fun women (with a few of the guys for some of the tougher tasks), but the reaction of our friends and the young couple was priceless.  And honestly, their wedding and reception was simply fabulous.


It Just Never Ends 

The hubby was able to fix the major crack in our front steps that I told you about not too long ago, but in the process – we started dreaming about what we could do if we made our entrance into an actual porch with room enough for a glider or swing rather than the mere two concrete steps (with a patched crack) that sits outside our front door now. 

Repairing the huge crack in our steps.

Well, that discussion turning into a listing of everything else that needed to be done in our home even before we could entertain thoughts of building a new porch – like a full bath remodel, finishing replacement windows in our upstairs, and replacing a section of fencing along our neighbor’s property.  I’m still having some PTSD from our last renovations (read here), but we are in the process of getting some quotes.  I’ve tried to convince the hubby it’s time to sell and get a maintenance-free home so we can do more of all the fun things in our free time, but I’m afraid I married a guy who likes to putter, fix, patch, and tinker.  So, the job list will always be close at hand – the list just never ends – but let’s hope we have better experiences in the future.


Yay for one year in the blogosphere!  Yep, this week marks my one year anniversary as a blogger and I’m actually very pleased that I began this endeavor.  My granny nanny career is rewarding, but having this creative outlet has been truly a blessing.  I may not be the most popular blogger with 44 followers, 2,252 views, 796 visitors in 29 countries around the world, but I feel a sense of joy when I write about my experiences as a young grandmother looking on the sunny side of life.  Cheers for blog post 43 and another year on the blog!


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