Harvest of Blessings

I must confess that I absolutely know when autumn arrives in my neck of the woods.  On my drive home from my granny nanny duties, I check to see if “the sign” is there, and if it is not I go on my merry way thankful for another day of summer.  However, when I see “the sign” in front of a local gardening nursery near my home, my fanciful belief for an endless summer comes to an abrupt end.   Here’s the sign, literally: 

IMG_7413Yes, “APPLES ARE IN” is that sign.  Once it appears I snap out of my denial, and I make a sharp left into the nursery to buy some gorgeous looking apples for only $.49 per pound.  The nursery also has all the telltale signs of autumn’s arrival…

IMG_7414IMG_7415IMG_7416So there’s just no more denying it.  Autumn has arrived.  When I bring the apples home it gets me itching to decorate with all my fall decorations, and I start bringing down the totes filled with the scarecrows, and pumpkins, and flowers.  


This past weekend was a harvest of blessings in many other ways as well.  Celebrations were in the air for both sides of our family as we had an ordination and a wedding on the same day.  My brother-in-law (on my husband’s side of the family) was ordained a permanent deacon at Our Lady of Victory Basilica along with fourteen other men who also became either transitional or permanent deacons. 

It was a moving, solemn ceremony and Mass.  I remember when my brother-in-law started the journey several years ago, and we were witnesses to his hard work and efforts to achieve this great accomplishment.  The hubby and I were also on hand to hear his first homily at his new parish placement. 

We are looking forward to see the many more blessings that are to come from his ministry.

Our nephew and his beautiful bride (on my side of the family) were married two hours later at a church literally just down the road from the ordination – lucky for us we did not have to travel too far – just under a mile.  

I remember not to long ago eating breakfast with my nephew as we discussed the possibility of his meeting someone, and it was shortly after this breakfast that he met his future bride.  It’s been a joy to share in their journey as a dating couple, then an engaged pair, and it will be even more special to see them in their married roles as husband and wife.  

With fall in the air there are many vegetables I enjoy cooking and eating this time of year, but, sadly, I am boycotting spaghetti squash.  I only recently fell in love with this vegetable having discovered it just a few years ago.  But this past Tuesday I was attempting to cut one in half in order to scrape out the seeds and cook it, but the squash was impenetrable and the long sharp knife I was using, instead, cut two fingers on my left hand. 


My friend who is a school nurse was able to quickly come by to take a look, and she recommended a trip to the doctor to be on the safe side.  I will spare you the more gory details, and report that I was gratefully spared the loss of my fingers and even did without needing stitches.  The physician’s assistant at my local Immediate Care put a foam finger tip on the wound of my middle finger where I did a good job of slicing the tip and glued the top of my ring finger in place.  Was that too gory?  Sorry.


Typing this blog has been interesting, since I mostly used my index fingers.  But, I can honestly say I’m extremely grateful my injury was not as worse as it could have been.  I’m counting it as a blessing, in spite of being hurt.  When I think of how awful it could have been I simply thank God it was minor.  I will be hosting a group of ten for brunch this coming Sunday, so let’s hope I’m done injuring myself and that I can manage being mostly right-handed for a while.

Friends, I hope you are enjoying the beginning of fall where you are.  May pumpkins and apples and mums be yours to enjoy as well.  And may the odds of successfully and safely cutting spaghetti squash be ever in your favor.

4 thoughts on “Harvest of Blessings

  1. frank Occhiuto

    I am sure glad you didn’t lose your fingers, girl! I just bought a spag. squash so I will be extra careful.

    I will go to the nursery for this price on apples!

    Thank you for the tips (no pun intended).

    Kathy O.



  2. Jeanne Marie

    Love these postmarks of fall. The seasons are certainly changing! One of my former language students , Patryk, from Poland was ordained as well.
    Glad your fingers are on the mend!

    Liked by 1 person

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