Six for Saturday

I must confess I am a sucker for sweet sounding alliteration (did you catch that?) which is why many of my blog articles are entitled this way.  Anyway, it's about time I posted again, but I’ve been preoccupied with a variety of late summer activities which have kept me away from my laptop lately.  But today …

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Wine, Food, Beer, Flowers

I must confess, I had a near death experience today.  It happened at the car wash.  I was getting the plethora of dead insect remains off of my car as I happily rolled on through the scrubbers when everything stopped. WHAT!  When I was a kid this was one of my worst nightmares.  The last …

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Time to Celebrate!

I must confess, I'm celebrating my Bloggiversary!  This week marks the six month anniversary of my blog, and I've done a little updating since you last visited.  Since beginning this endeavor back in September of 2017, I envisioned my blog as a way to amuse my family and friends with my 'sunny' observations and interesting …

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