Be the Change You Wish to See

I must confess I was not born with a green thumb.  Although I aspire to have a one, gardening is not going to appear on my resume anytime soon.  When my son and his wife recently moved into their new home, I offered to plant some flowers around their property and achieved mixed results.  Friends, …

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Good Riddance Winter, Hello Spring

I must confess, I blinked and spring was gone.  The weather here in Western New York went from freezing and snow to 92 degrees yesterday, setting a record in these parts.  I will not miss this past winter.  Ever.  Nope.  Not even gonna look back and complain all over again about how miserable it was. …

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A Walk on the Sunny Side

I must confess, it's been taking extra effort these days to look on the sunny side of things. With the cold and continued snowy weather being the main culprit that's been bringing down the mood around here, I woke up today and made a conscious decision to look on the brighter side of things and …

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